When you buy a ticket to attend an event organized by Big Bad Conventions, you de facto accept without any reservation the General Terms and Conditions of Sales here below and you commit to respect them. This is why we ask you to read them carefully.

Big Bad Conventions and the person in charge of the venue cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, injury or any other damage during the event. We reserve the right to modify our General Terms and Conditions of Sales at any time.

1) Access pass :

1.1 To be able to attend an event organized by Big Bad Conventions, you imperatively have to buy an access pass first and foremost. Each access pass grants the right to attend the event and its panels. No access pass will be sold the day of the event.
1.2 Passes will be given out the day before and the day of the event, at the event venue, except for any other instruction from Big Bad Conventions. To get your pass you will have to show an identity card with a picture and all your e-tickets. Without an identity card with a picture and proof of purchase, no pass and ticket will be handled out to you. Only the pass holder will be able to get them.

1.3 Every pass is personal and nominative. Only the person with the name on it will be able to use it. No exception to this rule.

You can buy a pass for someone else. You will need to write down their name and information when you buy it.
1.4 You have to wear your pass/wristband at every time during the event. If you refuse or are not able to show your pass/wristband, security reserves the right to escort you out of the activity or the event.

1.5 Passes are neither exchangeable nor refundable if you cannot afford the event anymore, except if you have the express authorization from Big Bad Conventions.
1.6 Minors from age 14 to 18 must present a parental authorization (download here) as well as a recto-verso copy of their guardian’s identity card. Without these documents, you cannot have access to the event and no refund will be possible. The parental authorization acts as a liability form. This form clears Big Bad Conventions of any responsbility of the minor. Minors from age 14 to 16 will have to be with an adult member of their family when they pick up their passes. Minors from age 6 to 14 will have to be accompanied by an adult for the whole event. This adult must have their own access pass. The access will be denied if the minor is not accompanied by an adult or if the adult doesn’t have an access pass. No refund will be granted.

The access to the event is forbidden for children under the age of 6. No exception to this rule. Their access will be denied and no refund for them and or their accompanying person will be ganted.
1.7 Every pass purchase is nominative and definitive. No refund will be granted except if the whole event is cancelled.

1.8 After the full payment of your pass, you will be assigned a seat in the order or reservations and of passes. Please respect the seating plan during the event. If you would like to sit next to someone or a group of persons, please send us an email once all the passes are bought, with all your names. The assigned seats will match with the seating plan of the last person who bought the smallest pass.

2) Extras:
The non-exhaustive list of extras you can find at our events are photoshoot ops, autographs, autographs supports, meeting rooms and so on. You can buy them directly on the online ticketing or directly at the event within the limit of available stocks. Please note that extras can be more expensive during the event than on the online ticketing.

Buying an access pass beforehand is mandatory to buy any extra. No refund will be granted if the buyer doesn’t own an access pass.
2.2 To be more than one person on the picture of your photo op (but with only one guest) each of you will have to buy their own photo op ticket. One photo op ticket guarantees your picture to be taken by a professional photographer.

For the duo, trio or group photo op (so with more than one guest) you can be two maximum on the picture. Only one ticket will have to be purchased. You will have only one print version of your picture.
2.3 Printed pictures will be available hours after the photo op session. The lateste would be at the end of the event. We advise you to bring something else to get signed just in case your picture has not been printed yet once the autograph session starts.

You can buy another printed version of your picture at the ticketing at the event. If the attendee cannot wait for their printed pictures, delivery charges will be at their charges.
2.4 The selfie pose with your phone is forbidden. You can have the selfie pose with the photgrapher’s camera.

You must follow staff members and security instructions to know which pose is allowed or not for each guest.
2.5 For the autographs, one autograph ticket bought confers only one signature on only one object. If you wish to have more autographs from the same guest, then you will need to buy as many autograph tickets as the amount of desired autographs.

Only official supports can be signed by the guests (posters, DVD, books, pictures…). Pictures of the guest will be sold during the event to serve as supports. One autograph support bought doesn’t equal to an autograph ticket.
2.6 A meeting room is a special time with the guest, from 20 to 30 minutes, with 20 attendees maximum.

2.7 If you’d like to give gifts to guests, you only can do it during the autograph session. Staff members, guests and security reserve the right to refuse the gift if they think it is offensive, disrespectful or dangerous in any manner.
2.8 Big Bad Conventions cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of your extras or pass.
No refund will be granted. The organization cannot be held responsible for the result of your picture if you didn’t follow the photographer’s advice. Ne refund will be granted.

Big Bad Conventions cannot be held responsible if the guests are not willing anymore to do photo op or autograph sessions, meeting rooms or any other activity. Refund won’t be granted but you will be entitled a credit note.

3) Progress of the event:
You will be called by your pass range and your personal number (written on your pass) to do the activities. Please listen carefully to staff members to not miss anything. If you happened to miss it because you didn’t pay attention, Big Bad Conventions won’t be held responsible and no refund will be granted.
3.2 Guests can be invited only for one day. No complaint will be able to be made because of that.

3.3 It is forbidden to take pictures and videos during the photo op and autograph sessions, meeting rooms and any other activity. If you violate this rule, staff members or security reserve the right to escort you out of the activity or the event. No refund will be granted.

However you can take picutres-and pictures only-during the panels. You can use the flash only the first 5 minutes. You cannot use a more than 18-55mm lens. Videos are forbidden.
3.4 If you insult or harass a staff member, a security member, a guest or another attendee, Big Bad Conventions reserves the right to ban you from the event. Ne refund will be granted.

4) Refund policy:
Big Bad Conventions reserves the right to change the date and the venue of the event to insure a bigger or more interesting guestlist.
In the event of the event is postponed, all the tickets will be rescheduled at the new date.

If you cannot come anymore, you can ask Big Bad Conventions the right to sell your tickets. The resale can only be first authorized by Big Bad Conveventions.
4.2 In the event of the event is cancelled, a total refund will be made.

Please note that the ticketing website will keep its commission, and so the refund will be applied to the price ticket without the commission.
4.3 If you cannot attend the event anymore, no refund of your tickets will be made. But we can offer you to sell those to someone else.

4.4 If you bought a 2-day pass and can only be present one day, we do not guarantee you the activities you paid for, since the schedule is different from one day to another and a specific order depending on your number and your pass range is made in advance. No refund will be granted. 4.5 Guests are coming thanks to a contract. Guests can cancel their coming at any time for any reason. Thus Big Bad Conventions cannot be held responsible, so no refund of an access pass can be granted. We will do our best to find them a replacement. In this case, extras bought for the cancelled guest can be used for the new guest if it’s the same value. Otherwise, a credit note or a refund will be made.

That is why we advise you, and we cannot stress this enough, not to buy a pass just for one guest. 4.6 Additionnal charges (food, accommodation, transportation…) are fully at the client’s expense. If our event is cancelled, you cannot demand any refund for these charges to Big Bad Conventions. We advise you to book your accommodation and transport with a cancel option.

5) Payment condition:
«Cityvent » ticketing accepts only credit card payments, « Billetweb » accepts credit card and transfers.
5.2 You can send us bank transfer or money order or pay through paypal, for that send us an email and precise in the object your last and first name + wanted pass or extra + desired payment form. Big Bad Conventions will then give you the process to follow.

Big Bad Conventions accepts payments in several instalments depending on the desired pass. The email to write to us is the same as written above. Deadlines will then be imposed. If you withdraw your payment within the deadline, a 10 % withholding of the total price will be kept as a payment withdrawal fee. If you fail to make your payment before the deadline, a 10 % withholding of the already paid amount will be kept as a late fee and you risk a cancellation of your pass.

6) Conformity:
If you attend one of our events, you can be filmed or photographed by our teams. By attending one of our events, you agree to have your image used by Big Bad Conventions for a commercial or promotional purpose.
6.2 Big Bad Conventions reserves the right to modify or add new activities and products if the circumstances so require. Schedule of photo op and autograph sessions, meeting rooms, panels or any other activity can be modified or cancelled. Big Bad Conventions cannot be held responsible for a change in the schedule that is due to guests or their agents’ unavailabilities. Thus no refund will be granted. Big Bad Conventions reserves the right to bring any change to the event due to unplanned and inevitable circumstances.
6.3 Big Bad Conventions forbids the access to their events to animals.
6.4 For any breach of regulation described in this General Terms and Conditions of Sales Big Bad Conventions reserves the right to ban the attendee from the event without any refund possible.
6.5 We do our best for the website to properly work. Big Bad Conventions will not be held responsible if the website is temporary unavailable due to technical difficulties that are beyond our control.

7) Online events:
All information about our online events can be found on our website, or social media and ticketings. All the activities are detailed.
7.2 The schedule will be announced shortly before the event. You will then receive an email with your link and the time of your activity. Please log in 10 minutes before the time of your activity. You will be placed in line and thus be on time for your activity.
7.3 A moderator will be present for each activity. Their camera and sound will be turned off, except for the sound when an English-French translation is required by the attendee.

7.5 All tickets are nominative, it is forbidden to resale or give them away.
7.6 You must have a Zoom account to attend these events.
7.7 The message you require from the guest for your personalized video must not be degrading, offensive or disrespectful towards anyone, nor promote a company, a service or a good. Also, there are private videos, so it is forbidden to post them on the internet.
7.8 If you bought a ticket for an online activity, please note no refund will be made unless the guest cannot attend the event anymore.
7.9 No refund will be granted if you miss your activity time or if you fail to have a good internet or Zoom connection (this is why we invite you to make sound an video checks before the event).

Big Bad Conventions reserves the right to deny entry to anyone for their events.