Event Progress

What is a convention ?
A convention or a fan meet is an event where you can meet the actors from your favorite movies or TV shows, and do all kind of activities with them, such as having your picture with the guest professionally taken, get your autograph, attend a very private meeting and so on…

When and where is the event taking place ?
All the information will be given on the website and social media of Big Bad Conventions, as well as on the ticketings.

Where can I get the event schedule ?
You will be able to download it from our website and our social media. It will also be displayed at different places during the event.

What is an included/regular guest ?
It’s a guest whose extras are included in the passes, depending on what pass you have chosen. Please refer to the ticketing to see what is included in your pass. All their extras will also be available independently on the ticketing.

What is an extra guest? How do I know if the guest announced is an extra guest ?
It’s a guest whose extras are not included in any pass except for the VIPs. All their extras will be available on the ticketing. You know when we announce a guest right away if they’re an extra or a regular guest as it will be said in the announcement image and post, and on the ticketing.


How can I get my pass and extras ?
You can get them the day before and the day of the event, at the event venue.

I’m underage but I would like to attend the event, is it possible ?
Children over 6 can attend our events. There are specifities for each group of age, so please check out the paragraph 1.6 of our General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

I am running late for the event, can I still attend it ?
Yes of course you can, but you might miss a part or a whole activity. No refund will be possible. We advise you to anticipate your itinerary and add additionnal time for an unforeseen situation in the transports or on the roads.

I need to leave the event early, but I still have a part of the day or another day with my pass, can I give it to a friend ?
Passes are nominative, it is strictly forbidden to give them away or exchange then. No refund will be made.


Is it possible to buy access passes and extras on the day of the event ?

You will be able to buy extras (within the limit of available stock) at the event ticketing. However, you won’t be able to purchase any access pass at the venue on the day of the event.

How can I pay at the venue ?
You can either use cash or a credit card.

I bought extras but I didn’t buy a pass, can I still use my extras?
No you can’t. Buying an access pass is mandatory to buy and use your extras. Ne refund will be made.

I would like to sit next to some friend(s) in the panel room, is it possible ?
Yes it is possible. Please send us your request by email. You will be seated in the row of the last person who bought the cheapest pass of your group.

Can I take pictures and videos during the activities ?
It is strictly forbidden to record and take pictures during the activities. However during the panels you can take pictures, but you will be able to use the flash only for the first 5 minutes. If you don’t respect the rules, you will be escorted out of the activity or the event, and no refund will be possible.

Can I choose the poses on my pictures during the photo ops ?
Most of the time yes as long as you respect the guest. But there can be specificities depending on the guest, and Big Bad Conventions staff members will let you know what is approved and what is not. Please respect these instructions otherwise there is a chance you’re escorted out of the activity, and no refund will be possible.

What objects can I get signed ?
It must either be an official object, or an autograph support sold at the event, or your picture with the guest from the photo ops. Be aware that if the object is deemed offensive or disrespectful, it won’t be signed on.


What is your refund policy ?
We only refund if the guest cancels their appearance (for their extras) or if the whole event is cancelled (for all the tickets).

I have a disability, can I still atend the event ? If so, can I get a priority access for the activities ?
You can of course attend our events. However you won’t have a priority access over passes more expensive than yours, only access over the same range pass. You will need to email us your medical certificate as soon as you buy your pass. We will do everything so you don’t have to wait in a standing position. If you’re at the event with someone, they can get in line for you. If you are not, you will be able to stay seated until the very last moment when it is time for you to do the activity, so the standing position won’t be long. Please follow our staff members directions, they will tell you what to do. For exceptional cases, and only for them (if for example you have to take a medication at a specific time) you will have a priority access so you can do and enjoy your activity before.


How can I participate in the online event ?
You must buy a ticket for one or more activities on the ticketing. You will then need to download the Zoom software and create an account that matches the name on your tickets. We advise you to test the program before the day of the event, to make sure you know how it works, with your audio and camera on.

What are the different activities for the online events ?
You can attend panels, private meetings with the guest, with other people or one-on-one, get a personalized video from the guest, and so on.

How can I ask a question to the guest during their panel ?
Your sound and camera will be turned off during the panel. So if you bought a Q&A ticket, you can email us your questions, they will be asked to the guest during this activity.

Can I record or take screenshots or photos of the online activities ?
It is strictly forbidden to record or take pictures of your screen during the activities. If you do not respect this rule, you will be immediatly escorted out of the activity, ne refund will be possible.

Can I join my activity late ?
You can, but you will not be able to make up for the time you lost. Big Bad Conventions cannot be held responsible if you miss part or all of your activity. Therefore no refund will be granted.

When does the ticketing close ?
Ticketing will close two days before the event.